An educational misconception

How Spanish higher education can help to professionalise and legitimise communications work

When I was invited to write this article, the first thing I thought about was where to focus my analysis: on the public relations expert of a firm and how he interacts with the veteran journalist, or vice versa? Obviously, if the journal is called ‘Communication Director’, the first option would initially make more sense, especially when the Story Teller section lends itself more to reflecting on the subject in the form of an essay and as a personal and subjective outline, rather than informing as an impersonal and objective piece of news, even though we are informing in both cases.

Samuel Martin Barbero

Since April 2008, Samuel Martín Barbero has served as dean of the IE School of Communication (IE University, Spain) and since September 2007 as director of communication Studies at IE Business School. He worked previously as project manager in Information Society at Telefónica Group. He holds a Ph.D. in Communication from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and an M.A. in Journalism from El País/Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.