Olympic spiel

Calls for dialogue around China and the Beijing Olympics seem to be falling on deaf ears

Dialogue is universally recognised as the ethical, respectful communicative tool from which other methods and approaches stem. In the global public sphere and civil society, dialogue has little or no competition as a peaceful tool to dissolve conflicts. Global media audiences are invited to watch the torch relay during the 2008 Beijing Olympic countdown. The venue, dubbed “Journey of Harmony”, connotes respectful, tranquil dialogue. So far, the highly ceremonial torch relay has been nothing but an embarrassment to all parties involved, and has been a far cry from tranquil and harmonious. The Olympic Movement has survived world wars and global crises. Its informative website, www.olympic.org, offers insight into the IOC (International Olympic Committee) identity: i.e. its claim to be a popular movement and a tireless proponent of good.

Tor Bang

Tor Bang is a senior lecturer at the Department of Communication, Culture and Languages within the Norwegian School of Management, Oslo. Previously, Bang worked as a liaison officer with various shipping companies in the United States, Europe and Asia.