Lessons from Lincoln

An unlikely source of inspiration for social communication and informal social networks

The introduction of Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) like Yammer and Jive, and the injection of ESN technology into the ubiquitous SharePoint 2013 intranet platform, has been this century’s most significant development in the realm of internal communication, with the potential to enable connected, targeted and lateral communication within organisations to an unprecedented extent, and, in particular, to deepen the integration and empowerment of younger millennial workers into the workplace. But while these platforms have such exciting potential to turbocharge internal communication, that potential is being unfulfilled and unmaximised.

Mike Klein

Mike Klein is Principal of Changing The Terms, an internal and social communication consultancy based in the Netherlands.  Mike is the Past Chair of the International Association of Business Communicators in Europe-Middle East-North Africa and the author of the Happeo research series on the Present and Future of Internal Communication.

Jeppe Vilstrup Hansgaard

Jeppe Vilstrup Hansgaard is a partner in the consultancy practice Innovisor and has working experience in 20 different countries on three continents. He holds a master of business administration degree from Henley Business School in the UK and a certificate in strategic decision and risk management from Stanford School of Professional Development in the US.