Only Connect; The Public Relations Strategic Toolkit; Leading Teams; Sustainability, Participation and Culture

Only Connect, Robert Mighall, LID Publishing, December 2013
Like many professionals who toil in the field of communications, Robert Mighall has felt a tension between his background and his current profession: a former Fellow of English literature at Oxford then editor of the revered Penguin Classics book series, he “stumbled into” corporate branding. This book is a summation of his work in tying together the two strands of his career – the donnish lover of the English language on the one hand and on the other, the corporate professional who has to make words fit the mold of business strategy. One of the stand-out sections is on the “narrative imperative” of sustainability communications and the challenges of framing a story about how the company is doing less to damage the environment into a compelling story with forward momentum – “one of the major advantages of the term ‘Sustainability’ over the more paternalistic ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ is its fitness for progressive narrative. Sustain is a verb, immediately signaling a commitment to do something, to go somewhere, to move towards a progressive goal”. The clarity of such moments makes Only Connect is an absolute pleasure to read. An erudite exploration of the evolution of corporate storytelling, more value, inspiration and ideas are packed into this volume than in books three times its size.