Communicating Europe in partnership

As the EU evolves, communications must adapt to better convey the multifaceted state of the Union        

The European Union is facing increasingly complex challenges. A properly conceived, resourced and implemented communication policy can and will play an essential role in explaining the gist of the wide range of EU policies. Communicating Europe in Partnership – linking up with stakeholders and engaging citizens – is bound to bring changes as well as exploring new ways to reach out to the public. Whether we talk about globalisation, security or climate change, the EU is undoubtedly a leading actor on the world stage to provide appropriate responses. This fits well with the expectations of citizens: there is a growing, underlying conviction that our societies can only tackle today’s challenges by working on a European scale. However, the EU’s major efforts and success stories – although significant – have not always been communicated in the most efficient manner.

Tamás Szucs

Tamás Szucs is strategy director of Directorate A in the Directorate General of Communication in the European Commission. Prior to that, he was the head of cabinet in the cabinet of Commissioner László Kovács. From May 2004 until November 2004, Szucs worked as head of cabinet in the cabinet of Commissioner Péter Balázs. He has authored and edited several books and specialist publications on European integration.