Love your agencies

Following some basic rules will help companies to successfully cooperate with their PR agencies

Our agency is not performing,” “We always get information and briefings from our client at the last minute,” “Can you recommend a good agency, ours is rubbish,” “We’ve done all we were asked but our client still isn’t happy.” Whether we are a client or an agency, we are probably all guilty of having uttered one or more of the sentences above at some point during our careers. The relationship between PR agencies and clients is complex at the best of times. With the financial bodies of the business world currently undergoing open heart surgery, the relationship between client and agency is being tested. And so it should be.

Christian Schultz

Since 2008, Christian Schultz has been Mattel’s head of communications for Central & Northern Europe. He is also a guest lecturer at the University of Westminster and Copenhagen University. Prior to joining Mattel, Schultz worked as head of Ogilvy PR Denmark. He holds a Master’s in PR and Public Communication from the University of Westminster.