Tri-colour comms

When three Italian insurance companies became one, it was the communications team’s time to act       

You make the difference is Allianz Italy’s core internal communication project. It started in October 2007, when three major Italian insurance companies belonging to the Allianz Group (Allianz Subalpina, Lloyd Adriatico and RAS) merged together to form Allianz Italy. After this date, we obviously had two main communication priorities. One was to create brand awareness: we had to tell our clients and prospects that from that day on there was a big new company that would take care of them and their insurance needs. This part was covered with a very effective ADV campaign, which raised group brand awareness to 61 per cent in one year. At the same time a link with tradition was maintained, since Allianz Italy still operates through three separate insurance agent networks using the former company names, but all with the Allianz prefix: Allianz Subalpina, Allianz Lloyd Adriatico and Allianz RAS. The other communication priority was to integrate approximately 6,000 employees from three companies that, previously, were virtually competitors. We are convinced that one of the most important issues a company needs to focus on is its staff. Human resources are the source of business productivity; it is unlikely that an unhappy workforce will generate organic growth. So we needed to create a relaxed atmosphere that would enhance motivation and enthusiasm when people came to work. We also needed to combine the distinctive histories and cultures of the the former companies and build a sense of belonging to the new Allianz Italy company: a group spirit.

Fabio Dal Boni

Fabio Dal Boni is director of communications and image at Allianz Italy. He has previously headed the communications departments at leading Italian public companies. Prior to this, he worked as a journalist in leading positions at Italian press agency ANSA and at the daily newspapers Il Foglio, il Sole 24 Ore, as well as at the weekly Panorama.