CEO Stockwatch

Carma International’s latest survey of media reporting of the commercial world’s leading figures continued to bear witness to the effects of the deepest economic downturn for a generation. From April to June, the three-month period covered by the survey, job losses and bankruptcies mounted around the world. Nevertheless, as the period progressed, the world’s media reported growing confidence among economists and analysts that economic conditions appeared to be stabilising. Reports of green shoots fed optimism, helping to fuel a sharp rise in stocks, after markets plumbed lows in March. Even so, the timing and likely strength of recovery remained uncertain and many commercial leaders, if drawn to comment, preferred to remain cautious on the business outlook. In politics, too, the backdrop was mixed, with the British parliament shaken by a wave of damaging revelations about MPs’ expense claims. In contrast, President Barack Obama’s popularity rating among the American people remained buoyant as he passed the milestone of his first 100 days in office.