Miroslav Ribic

Director of Public Affairs and Corporate Communications, Triglav

How do you explain your job to your friends?
I deal with fog. Sometimes creating it, sometimes clearing it up. But after I’m done, the result always has to be the same: clear sky and rainbows!

Miroslav Ribič

Miroslav Ribič has been the director of public affairs and corporate communications for Zavarovalnica Triglav (Triglav Insurance Company) since 2003. He has also had experience in a World Bank Project in Algiers, and in the public television channel in Slovenia, where he reached the position of deputy general manager for marketing and public relations. Ribič has a Master’s in European policy; in his thesis, he researched media influence on election campaigns. He is also an economist, having graduated in economy, and has experience in financial and commercial management. He also lectures on media, politics and communication.