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In biological systems, redundancy occurs for the most critical pathways where duplication or compensation of components and checkpoints preserves the integrity of the system: if the primary component fails, redundant components prevent the failure of the system. In corporations, redundancy often occurs not in the form of duplication, but in the form of supportive and compensatory networks. These supportive networks enable the optimal performance of a function within the organisation, and in times of acute crisis, prevent the complete collapse of the core competencies that confer competitive advantage to the organisation.

Jane Chin

Jane Chin is an author and speaker on personal and career development. She is also president and founder of Medical Science Liaison Institute, LLC, enabling companies access to field-based medical science liaisons, as well as Founder of 9 Pillars. She was selected as one of 2006 PharmaVoice’s 100 Most Inspiring People (“Risk Taker” category) in the Life Science Industry. Chin is also a prominent author of publications on field MSL programmes and issues.