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The times are changing, and with them the demands on good communications professionals. In the good (or perhaps bad) old days, the division of labour between company CEOs and their PR experts was pretty clearcut: top management was concerned primarily with business, and the PR experts had the task of taking the necessary messages to the people. Communications was almost entirely a delegated task, and it basically focused on providing information. Communicators served as mouthpieces and translators: their role was to explain and convey content from an often almost autistic, self-absorbed professional world. But this strict division of roles has broken down over the past few years – which calls for new forms of training and qualifying for communications professionals.

Renate Braun

Renate Braun has been Allianz Group’s Chief Operating Officer Group Communications since 2006. She joined the insurance corporation in 1992 and has since then worked in different functions, among others as HR expert in the Group’s HR department.