Find the right fit

The inexact science of finding just the right communications strategy for your chief executive

American and British politicians like to talk of the ‘special relationship’ that exists between the two countries. A relationship forged through good times and bad, and of course united by (almost) the same language. Is the relationship between the CEO and the communications function more ‘special’ than with other functions in the organisation and how is that relationship changing during the current turbulence?

Simon Sproule

Simon Sproule has been Renault Nissan alliance’s director, communications since September 2009. He joined the alliance after a brief stint as corporate vice president corporate communications for Microsoft. Previously, from 2004 to 2009, Sproule was corporate vice president global communications for Japanese car manufacturer Nissan. Prior to joining Nissan, he held a variety of positions with Ford, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover in both North America and Europe. In 2004, he was recognised by the Automotive Hall of Fame in Detroit as one of their four Young Leaders of the Year. Sproule holds a bachelor’s degree in geography from the University of London’s King’s College. From August 2001, Sproule served as the vice president, communications and corporate affairs for Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover North America.