Informant to the CEO

Succesfull stakeholder engagement depends on constant dialogue with your chief executive

From recent research conducted on Italian firms, it emerges that the function of communication, and particularly the role of its director, are acquiring more and more importance in the organisational structure of firms. Two indicators in particular show the importance that communication officers are gaining in the strategic management of Italian organisations. First, in 78 per cent of Italian companies, the communication manager is a corporate communication officer (CCO), thus reporting to the CEO in most cases. Second, 61 per cent of Italian communication managers see their proposals taken seriously or very seriously into account by their top management and their CEO.

Rossella Gambetti

Dr. Rossella Gambetti is assistant professor of corporate communication at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy, where she teaches corporate communication economics and techniques and international communication. Gambetti is Editor-in-Chief of Communicative Business, the first Italian scholarly peer-reviewed journal focused on current research topics related to corporate communication theory and practice.