Building partnerships, building trust

Empowering local communities to become dialogue partners proves your commitment to sustainability.

By empowering local communities and other groups affected by your operations to become not just audiences but partners in your operations not only gives your organisation credibility – it proves your long-term commitment to sustainability.

Excitement is palpable in the voice of Kailash Yadav, a farmer in the village of Ghilot, in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, as he points towards the water harvesting structure constructed in his fields. β€œIt is giving me three types of benefits. It has reduced soil erosion, enhanced soil moisture retention and improved ground water recharge.”

Smiling, he tells us to come back another day for a visit to his fields, which now give him better productivity and more income.

Meenakshi Sharma

Meenakshi Sharma is vice president communications and sustainable development at SAB-Miller India. She has gathered diverse work experience in a career spanning over 23 years. In her earlier roles, she has worked with leading communications firms overseeing issue management and leading public affairs projects for clients ranging from FMCG, oil and gas, aviation and NGOs.