Opening new windows

The unstoppable spread of mobile in Asia Pacific creates a whole new set of opportunities for communicators.

This image shows a map of the internet in 2015 created by The Opte Project. It is the first major release of the internet map since 2010. Asia Pacific is represented by the colour red, is North America by blue, Europe by green, Latin America by purple, Africa by orange and "Backbone" (highly connected networks) is white. See

Believe it or not, people are spending more time on consuming content on social network apps or sites than we think. According to Opera’s State of Mobile Web report, 6 out of 10 pages that Opera Mini users visit are social network sites. Opera Mini is our mobile browser app and more than 250 million people in the world use it every month.

We found that most content discovery happens when visiting social network sites or apps, whether through reading news stories shared by their friends, published by media outlets or published by brands.

Our users find news items on social networks and click the links from there if they want to read more. For most online publishers, more than 50 per cent of web traffic to their sites are from social networks. In mobile-first countries, such as the ones in South East Asia, the traffic from social networks is more than 80 per cent. This strengthens the recent finding from Pew Research Centre that news use on Facebook and Twitter is on the rise.

Peko Wan

Based in Taipei, Peko Wan joined Opera Software in February 2009. She started her public relations career in Caesar Park Hotel Hsinchu in 1999 before spending five years in Ogilvy Public Relations, serving technology-related clients such as Arianespace, DuPont, Samsung Electronics, Taiwan Network Information Center and TradeCard.