McLuhan as PR Master

What public relations owes to communication theory pioneer Marshall McLuhan

How should we trace the linkages, if they exist, between the history of public relations and the ideas of Herbert Marshall McLuhan, born in Edmonton (Alberta) July 21 1911 and whose writings profoundly altered our understanding of culture and communication? In their quest for an answer, students, artists, and public relations professionals may be overwhelmed by the ideas that connect one of the 20th century’s pre-eminent intellectuals and the one of the most dominant forms of communication in the modern age.

Dominique Scheffel-Dunand

Dominique Scheffel-Dunand is an associate professor in linguistics and director of the McLuhan Programme in Culture and Technology at the Coach House Institute in the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, Canada. She is also director of the Research Centre on Language Contact at Glendon College, York University,  Toronto.

Ian Chalmers

Ian Chalmers is the research and creative director at Pivot Design Group, communication director for Pencils for Kids and founder of He has over 20 years of expertise in creative problem finding and solving, concept development, communications design, and user-experience design.