Organising a great press conference

Press conferences are as crucial as ever: make sure that yours is a memorable one


Despite online media, blogs and Twitter, the classic press conference is still an important public relations tool that allows journalists to find out about important news, ask pointed questions to company representatives and obtain important background information. Virtually no public relations professional will be able to avoid organising a press conference in their working lives. Here, there are several interrelated requirements that a public relations professional must master: perfect event management, the correct way to deal with target group media, talent in presenting and talking confidently, a high level of resilience and a confident appearance. Even seemingly small details determine the success or failure of the press conference.

Daniela Puttenat

Daniela Puttenat is a strategic PR coach for companies and individuals, specialising in media relations, crisis communications and coaching for PR professionals. She spent several years working as Head of Communications and press speaker for stock-listed companies in the energy industry in Germany and the USA. This translation is a slightly modified extract from her book that is currently published in Germany entitled Der kleine PR Coach [The Mini PR Coach], which contains many practical tips for everyday PR.