Peering through the cloud

Look around you: there is a parallel world of media, information and knowledge

From magical wands to intelligent watches, the worlds of fantasy and technology are beginning to collide, and it's not happening at Hogwarts or in Middle Earth, but in a world that is truly parallel to our own: the cloud.
The cloud is not ‘up there’ somewhere, it's to your left, your right, behind you, above you, below you, on you, and in some cases, in you. It is the environment in which data swims; makes friends; defines context, sleeps and reproduces; the place where our online shadows grow and take form. It is the conduit between the world of the flesh and a parallel realm that coexists with our own, one that is arguably every bit as fantastic as the worlds of our imagination.
Everything and everyone that is online and open is there, and more and more we find that there is precisely where we need to be if we want to be seen and heard, not only as communications professionals but also as human beings. This article will provide an overview of what the cloud is, how it is already serving communications professionals around the world, and how it promises to transform our sense of reality and, perhaps, even play a role in shaping our future humanity.

Sean MacNiven

Sean MacNiven is the global head of search and community within SAP’s product support organisation. Prior to this role, he led the public relations social media team, and the implementation and development of most of SAP’s key internal and external online news platforms. He is also an active researcher around communications, reputation and change management.