Facing a major crisis

How Noos-Numericable overcame times of trouble

Noos-Numericable is now facing a major crisis in relation to the complaints and the claims of its clients. The successive mergers of different French cable companies over the last two years, the network’s upgrade to replace the old cables for optical fibre and the externalisation of its call centre to Tunis had provoked an explosion of claims that the direction has had difficulty coping with. The company is now toughly supervised by the state office of customers claims and was obliged to change its communication strategy. This difficult situation has begun to change due to the intervention of a crisis communication agency.

Mariana Zampichiatti

Mariana Zampicchiatti holds a master degree in communication from Buenos Aires University (Argentina) as well as a PhD in communication and information sciences from Lyon, France. Having worked as journalist for several press-media organisations in Argentina and France dedicated to social and education issues, she now works for Noos-Numericable, a telecommunications company based in Lyon.