Get the motor running

Satish Nair on the memories of his motoring expeditions

My first ride on a motorbike was at the age of 14 on a 125cc bike. As with many other teenagers in India, my passion for motor sports was embraced early in my teens. Though cricket is the nation’s religion, motorsport is catching up in popularity among young people. Events like Formula 1 (F1) and motocross rallies are keenly followed. There is a world class race circuit near New Delhi, Buddh International Circuit, where F1 races were held in 2011 and 2013. Indian drivers have also competed in F1 races.

Satish Nair

Satish Nair leads corporate affairs at India Ratings and Research, a Fitch Group company. In this function he manages marketing, communications, investor and regulatory relations. Previously he was managing communications and investor relations at Fitch Ratings in India. Prior to that he was managing corporate strategic assets and government relations at As an avid motor sports enthusiast, Satish has been part of many cross country rallies across the globe and endures to follow that passion on two wheelers. He is currently training to undertake a cross country ride across India and China.