Targeted interactions

How to build relevancy through personalised, tailored messaging.

Back in 2008 when I was working on the Olympic marketing project for a computer brand, it was a no-brainer then that we communicated through the most popular national television channels “how we contributed to the Olympic Games”. The survey results showed that every penny of the media fee was well spent on impressing our target customers. However, when I later moved on to market a high-end banking brand, which targets a niche market, most of the media channels appeared to be a massive wastage for our campaigns, which aimed to talk to only specific groups of audience.  The solution to the problem lies in the digitalisation of communications which enabled us to build strong relevancy to the exact group of people we want to talk to.

Jean Xueqin Cai

Jean Xueqin Cai is head of Group Strategic Marketing and Communications, DBS Bank (China), overseeing the communications efforts as well as branding and marketing for the retail business, targeting the affluent segment. Previously, she was with Deutsche Bank, in charge of its communications in China; prior to that, she had a stint in Lenovo, driving the activation of Lenovo’s global Olympic partner program and Olympic Torch Relay sponsorship leading to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.