Time to collaborate

Alstom’s Collaborative Way programme enables employees to learn from each other

Since the first appearance of social media, the way we interact with others has dramatically changed. The latest forms of information and communications technology allow us to improve interaction with those in close proximity but also with those who are far from us.
A social medium is designed to be propagated through a form of social interaction created using simple to use publishing techniques. Most social media is web-based and transforms what is usually a one-way interaction into a social media dialogue. It contributes heavily to the spread of information and knowledge transforming internet surfers from consumers to producers and building on the idea and technological foundations of Web 2.0. It allows the creation and exchange of user-generated content (UGC) anywhere at any time.

Michael S. Salone

American-born Michael S. Salone is experienced in strategic human resources responsibility in the areas of strategic planning, employee relations, recruitment, learning and development and international issues in various manufacturing, technical, sales, field and corporate environments. He has been vice president of Alstom University since September 2006. Prior to this, Salone has held different human resources positions at Alstom, such as vice president management development and vice president human resources. Before joining Alstom in 1998, he managed human resources activities for Schlumberger in England, the United States and France.