A place at the table

Communication directors and decision-making

“The Director of Corporate Communications will lead an existing team of people responsible for worldwide efforts in advertising, press and analyst relations, message development, customer newsletters, community relations, and internal communications. The Communication Director will be expected to provide communications leadership, build and maintain a positive public profile of the organisation, and to market the organisation’s programmes, research findings and advocacy positions through the organisation and media.  The director must appreciate the complex and evolving nature of the organisation and develop appropriate strategies for interpretation and promotion.”
A quick search on Google for communications and strategic decision-making resulted in a number of job descriptions for communication directors. Two of them are given above. It’s impossible not to be impressed by the depth, breadth and complexity of the descriptions for these positions. And based on these descriptions, one would believe that these firms understand the strategic significance of communications and the communications director’s position within the firm.  Alas, this excitement turned to disappointment as further reading indicated that at least one of these positions answered to the VP for marketing. 

Peggy Bronn

Peggy Simcic Brønn is a professor and associate dean of the undergraduate public relations programme at the Norwegian School of Management, Oslo. She is also the director of the school’s Center for Corporate Communication.