The public face of Madame Royal

Can cyberpolitics help Ségolène Royal win the French presidency?

France’s 2007 presidential elections are experiencing a series of communications tactics uncommonly identified with the country’s political scene. Socialist candidate Ségolène Royal has been putting in a bid to narrow the traditionally remote and elitist gap between politics and the public for just under a year now. Next year’s elections will see France voting in a new head of state replacing Jacques Chirac with one of two possible candidates. Nicolas Sarkozy, the current Interior Minister, is the conservative contender. Having defeated fellow socialists Laurent Fabius and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Ségolène Royal has by far led the ranks in terms of popularity and reputation inside the Parti Socialiste’s camp. The latest National poll pitches Sarkozy as overall frontrunner clutching 34 per cent of public opinion, with Ségolène Royal closely looming behind at 30 per cent.