The programmatic era

An introduction to all things automated, algorithmic and adverting


In a time of diluted attention and ad blocking, programmatic advertising promises to provide greater return on investment.

The Attention Return on Investment (ARoI) is at the core of actions by brands and marketers to efficiently connect with their consumers. Digital channels are evolving and expanding exponentially, diluting the opportunities for brands to connect with the right consumer at the right time. Users defend themselves through ad blockers to preserve their online experience from mass and high frequency communication tactics. Behind the facade of smart advertising strategies, catchy messages and formats, media execution is a labour intensive process, abusing fax machines, telephones, email and pdf files to settle insertion orders. This manual execution, relying on fixed price lists and broad dropping of messages, is ineffective in capturing volatile consumer attention across digital channels and devices. Digital marketing requires automation, full stop. Programmatic advertising offers this.

Renato Martignoni

Renato Martignoni is head of digital and marketing services and head of corporate development at Swisscom AG. He led the corporate development of PubliGroupe, traded on the Swiss stock exchange until it was acquired by Swisscomm. He initiated and developed leading European initiatives in the programmatic, affiliate marketing and digital agency fields through organic and M&A investments. As non-executive director he served on the board of leading ad tech players and agencies. Renato started his career at Mondelez, a global leader in the fast moving good industry.