Revolution from the top

Understanding how the brain functions is integral to ensuring a more efficient organisation

The diversity of people and ideas raises the likelihood of a company’s long-term success. Innovation in terms of new products and services, approaches to pitching for new clients, and realising market opportunities are key indicators of the internal state and climate of a company. A company shows multiple similarities with the human brain: in both instances a meagre output of ideas reveals a lack of curiosity, engagement, and zero desire to create and develop. There are brains whose interactions between the left and right hemispheres and “above” and “below” do not function effectively. Similar blockades have been identified in companies. These are those which are most likely not set up for sustainable growth and successful survival.

Annette B. Czernik

Annette B. Czernik, PCC, is a senior consultant and executive coach at RELEVANT management consultants, an authorised Hogan Distributor. She is a certified member of the International Coach Federation and an enthusiastic practitioner of the Hogan Assessment Suite. Her in-house corporate career includes being vice president of HR development in private wealth management at Deutsche Bank from 2008 to 2010.