Success is talent

Trying to attract the best and brightest


Thinking about investing in an emerging market places a lot of emphasis on the high potential for growth, the GDP rate, existing competition on the market, consumer mentalities, education and skills available, and costs. Presumably any emerging market still has a competitive advantage in terms of costs, which might compensate for the low scores on other evaluation points; however, there is a lot more behind entering an emerging market than this, at least in terms of human resources.

Madalina Uceanu

Madalina Uceanu is executive director at AIMS Human Capital Romania, where she leads recruitment and consultancy. Uceanu has worked with AIMS for the past 14 years in Executive Search and consults on the most efficient strategies for attracting and retaining talent. A graduate of the Academy of Economic Studies, she is also involved in HR consultancy projects and executive coaching.