Towards a multivocal approach

A joint venture with all stakeholders can harmonise the crisis cacophony

On September 9 2007, an aircraft type Dash 8-Q400 belonging to Scandinavian Airlines and flying from Copenhagen International Airport, Kastrup to Aalborg Airport in Denmark, was involved in an accident. Imagine: when approaching the regional airport, the right main landing gear cannot be locked safely and the pilots are forced to prepare for an emergency landing. During landing, the main landing gear collapses, and the aircraft is damaged substantially. The passengers are evacuated as quickly as possible by the emergency team. Some of the passengers sustain minor injuries.

Finn Frandsen

Finn Frandsen is professor at Aarhus School of Business (ASB), University of Aarhus in Denmark and director of the ASB Centre for Corporate Communication. His research focuses on public relations and communication in the areas of marketing, crisis, environmental and organisational communications.

Winni Johansen

Winni Johansen is associate professor at ASB and director of study of the executive master’s in corporate communication. Among others her research covers corporate communication, public relations and crisis communication.