Charming the talent

Look after your employees and they’ll look after you

Two decades ago, companies stood out from their competitors based on their product differentiation. But the advent of technology meant that it wasn’t long before a competitor caught up. One decade ago, companies differentiated themselves by their provision of excellent customer service, but again, it wasn’t long before every company was providing the same kind of service. Now, the world’s most competitive companies are those with the most talented employees. These are the same companies that will survive and thrive in the future. To keep up, a whole new way of recruiting has emerged.

James Adonis

James Adonis is a internationally-based expert on employee engagement. His presentations show companies how to solve staff turnover and win the war for talent. James has presented to audiences across four continents, including Europe. He is the author of Love Your Team: How to halve your employee turnover in less than 90 days.