Benefits of experience

Having experienced consultancy work can strengthen your in-house effectiveness

When talking to my intern for this summer, I asked him what was his motivation for getting his first taste of our profession in an in-house department rather than with an agency. He was quite clear in his answer, pointing out his personal interest in the company itself and explaining that he would like his next internship to take place at a public organisation so that he could widen his understanding about how they function. His words caused me to reflect on my own career path and experience working for an agency and an in-house department.

Luulea Lääne

Luulea Lääne is the communication director of shipping company Tallink Group and has been so since December 2006. She also has consultancy experience in all branches of public relations: issue management, event marketing, marketing communications, crises communication, media relations, etc. Before joining Tallink, she worked at the Estonian public relations company Corpore where she handled long-term accounts and projects of local and international companies and organisations. She started at Corpore as a public relations assistant in 2001, then junior consultant in 2002 and consultant from 2003 to 2006.