Imperfect pitches

How the pitching process is unfairly skewed towards clients, and why that isn’t in anyone’s interest

An important reminder for those in the position of hiring agencies:when it comes to pitches, the best things in life aren’t free. 
As in many other countries, there is widespread dissatisfaction in Austria about the traditional pitch methods used to find a public relations or advertising agency. The main problem is the all-too-common ‘free pitch culture’ which frequently leads to heated discussions in the communication sector. People in our business are grumbling a lot about this: however, few of them are interested in finding an alternative way of selecting the optimal public relations or advertising agency.

Ingrid Vogl

Dr Ingrid Vogl’s career has included communications roles in the political, corporate and consultancy sectors. Currently, she is president of PRVA (Public Relations Verband Austria), an assistant lecturer at different educational institutions in Austria as well as an independent consultant. Among her previous positions are as public relations manager for Austrian companies in the banking and tobacco sectors (P.S.K. and Austria Tabak) and spokesperson for the Viennese Social Democratic Party.