Key collaborators

Cutting-edge consultancies can help companies engage with highly-prised online influencers, as Greg Shove of SocialChorus explains

How important is it to get online influencers to add their own voices to a company’s brand public relations?
As today’s consumers become savvier, they are more likely to value word of mouth over traditional marketing, and the more likely they are to sniff out advertising. Influencers provide a simple workaround to this problem by bringing authenticity and credibility to the table, helping to ensure that a brand’s story doesn’t fall on deaf or sceptical ears. The brand must accept the risk, however, that they cannot control the influencer or what they add to the story. With authenticity comes some risk. Marketers better get used to it since it’s worth the risk: influencers and consumers talking about a brand will beat out brands talking about themselves every time.

Gregory Shove

Gregory Shove is the founder and CEO of SocialChorus, a social influencer relationship marketing software and services company which helps brands find and connect to the people whose social influence matters most. Prior to SocialChorus, Gregory was an active investor in both private and public companies, with a focus on consumer segments. He also co-founded 2Market, a Silicon Valley start-up that pioneered the development of interactive shopping (acquired by America Online in 1995). Prior to that, Shove held positions at Digital Equipment Corp and Sun Microsystems.