Director of Government and Public Relations Department


Monday, 9 January 2017



Russian Federation


International Investment Bank

Company profile: 

The International Investment Bank (IIB) is a multilateral development institution founded in 1970 based on the intergovernmental Agreement Establishing the International Investment Bank and its Charter.  The current nine members of the Bank are Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, Hungary, Mongolia, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Vietnam. The IIB invests into projects benefitting the economies of its member states and fostering economic cooperation between them, and focuses in particular on the support for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Job description: 

Key responsibilities:

  • Development of the Bank’s general strategic goals focused on business expansion at national and international levels, on positioning the Bank as a multilateral development institution and on boosting the Bank’s prestige;
  • Ensuring expansion of partners’ network by building relations with international financial and non-financial institutions, government bodies and agencies, business associations and unions, research and educational centers, and other organizations;
  • Development of the Bank’s international programs, dealing with donor organizations, preparation of international documents (memorandums, agreements, contracts), development of international institutions contributing to the Bank's lending and investment activities, such as technical cooperation funds and others;
  • Ensuring the Bank's integration into the community of international financial institutions, development of bilateral and multilateral partnership with them in different areas, participation in joint financial and non-financial initiatives and projects, organizing exchange of experience and expertise;
  • Support and development of the Bank's relationship with government representatives of the Bank’s member-states and third countries at national and regional levels, engaging the Bank in governmental investment programs, dealing with governmental funds, engaging third countries including potential new member-states of the Bank to participate in the Bank’s activities;
  • Promoting the Bank in media landscape, maintaining public relations, working with national and international media, building the Bank’s awareness in internet and social networks, ensuring participation of the Bank’s representatives in public activities at national and international levels, organization of the Bank’s own activities, development and update of marketing materials and programs, the Bank's positioning by means of strategic communications;
  • Ensuring implementation of best practices of other international financial institutions, including the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development standards, providing ecologic and/or social important grants;
  • Ensuring preparation of documents (briefing notes, analytical materials, public speech, presentations) for the Management Team of the Bank;
  • Managing department budget; organization of gifts and congratulatory campaigns.

Job requirements: 

  • University degree (international economic relations and/or financial and banking).

Work experience:

  • Work experience in the field of international relations at least five years;
  • Managerial working experience at least three years;
  • Work experience in international organizations and/or international banks and/or development banks and/or commercial banks, including IIB member states (top 40) and/or a relevant position in dedicated governmental bodies in the Bank’s member states – preferred.

Knowledge, skills and competencies:

  • Knowledge in the field of international relations, economic diplomacy, knowledge of basic international law and banking;
  • Knowledge of international organizations’ and integration associations’ operations, specificity of   development institutions, governmental bodies and public entities of the Bank’s member states;
  • Knowledge and skills in the field of developing and implementing international strategies, building partnership relations (including investment relations);
  • Knowledge of media operating principles;
  • Experience in implementing communications and PR strategies;
  • Skills in budget planning;
  • Excellent managerial and leadership skills, hardworking, responsible, team-worker;
  • Advanced PC user (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel);
  • Excellent knowledge of English (advanced level and higher);
  • Knowledge of Russian and/or a second foreign language of IIB member states would be an advantage.


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