Kingdom of BelgiumEACD appoints new managing director

The European Association of Communication Directors (EACD), Europe’s leading network for communication professionals across Europe, today announced the appointment of Inge Wallage as its first ever managing director.

The role has been designed as part of the Association’s new strategy to further cultivate its collaborative member network, ensure quality growth and address areas of innovation. Inge Wallage brings 25 years of communications experience in both the profit and non-profit sector, from oil to Greenpeace to sustainable water management. Most recently she led the introduction of FashionforGood.

The decision to create the role of Managing Director was taken by the EACD’s Board, led by President Herbert Heitmann who said: “The EACD has had 11 successful years, securing ongoing growth of members across Europe year on year. Now is the time to build on our success and, with the appointment of Inge Wallage we aim to further our proposition of driving excellence in our profession.”

Upon taking up her new role, Inge Wallage stated: “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the Board to lead the Association into its next phase, for the benefit of our current and future members. The Communications function needs to continue to enhance and adapt to new societal realities. It’s wonderful to be able to contribute to that. I believe we have a great opportunity to innovate and to deliver the foundation for the EACD’s next decade of success.”

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