Alexander Gutzmer

Alexander Gutzmer

Dr Alexander Gutzmer is professor for media culture and communication at Berlin-based Quadriga University. He is also editor-in-chief of the architecture magazine Baumeister, and editorial director at the Munich-based publishing house Callwey.

Content marketing is king – we read and hear this a lot. But what does the reign of this new marketing royal look like? What are the key success factors and what are the major problems? How do agencies, companies and journalists work together?

The world of branding is in turmoil.

Advertising is losing the strategic relevance it once had. Content marketing and storytelling are seen as the new keys to branding success.

There seems to be consensus that journalistic stories...

When communication managers take on new leadership roles it can be a tricky situation for the company as well as for the manager. How to succeed in the new position? New research offers some insights.

On January 10, 1999, television history was made. The first episode of the ground-breaking series “The Sopranos” aired for the very first time. Viewers were shocked, not only because of the frequent bursts of violence but also because the...