Joanna Sullivan

Joanna Sullivan

Joanna Sullivan is author of the book Creating Employee Champions through Sustainability Engagement. Joanna is also the owner and director of Conscience, a Brussels-based communications agency specialised in sustainability. Conscience Consulting is a partner of global sustainable development consultancy network The Transition500 Alliance, with offices in North America, the EU and Asia.

Climate change communication: Staying relevant in the post Paris environment

One month ago the announcement from the Paris climate summit, COP21,  sent a clear message to the world. The fossil fuel era is at an end. The renewable era has begun. Not because of the binding legality...

Employee engagement can be driven through a shared sustainability mission. It’s the task of communication directors to drive this process.

How to recruit and retain the brightest minds? Focus them on the ultimate mission of global sustainability. They get to speak authentically about their work and in doing so they build trust with their peers.