Louise Wadman

Louise Wadman

Together with Louise Wadman, Claire Hyde led Lloyds Banking Group’s Internal Creative Communications team of 24 people, with responsibility for design, film, photography and events. Claire and Louise have over 45 years of communication experience. Experts at internal communication, cultural change and engagement, they are innovative, engaging and results-driven. They advise and influence executives and have worked in the financial services, technology, motor and fashion industries, with responsibilities for internal and external communication and public affairs. 

Job sharing is an arrangement where typically two people are retained on a part- or reduced-time basis to perform a job normally fulfilled by one full-time employee. What is this arrangement like in practical terms? 

As we closed the office door, Claire and I high-fived. After a year of research, redrafting a business case and patiently waiting, we had finally got what we wanted. A job share.

We were the first-ever joint heads of internal communication...

The secret to how communicators can win a seat on the board room table

It seems to me that irrespective of what the crisis or change is, successful communication requires three things to be present: executive buy-in, appropriate resources and an effective face-to-face channel

Executive buy-in...