Mike Klein

Mike Klein

Mike Klein is the author of the Changing The Terms blog. A veteran internal communicator with an MBA degree from London Business School, Mike is the author of From Lincoln to LinkedIn: the 55 Minute Guide to Social Communication. A former US political consultant, Mike has worked in Europe for Shell, Cargill, easyJet, Barclays, Maersk and Veon. He is based in the Netherlands.

From "centralization" to "centrality" - a transformation making internal communication more relevant and scalable

Increase impact. Reduce noise. Become more relevant. Integrate platforms. Create more connectedness.

These are some of the demands that internal communicators are hearing most loudly these days.

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Are IC practitioners ready for the next wave of change? Or do we need to listen to Samuel L. Jackson?


It is not news that the world of internal communication is changing.

But how is it changing? And can IC practitioners help drive that change instead of being driven into the ground by it?

In 2017, are we about to witness the renaissance of internal communications?

In the nearly 20 years I have been an internal comms pro, internal communication has been prematurely pronounced dead on a number of...

Amplifying the impact of the ambitious leader

When people hear about “business communication,” they often think it’s about “the business”: numbers, institutional announcements and soulless statements.

In my experience, it’s stories by and about individuals that get the...

A fresh perspective on employee's freedom to act

As part of my weekend trawl through my endless Facebook feeds, I stumbled upon this quote from Noam Chomsky, posted by an otherwise lucid Dutch friend of mine:

"What kind of freedom is there inside a corporation? They’re...

Observations and questions for business communicators

2016 is shaping up to be a year of the “angry voter” in the West, as evidenced by such phenomena as Donald Trump’s ascent through the Republican Party’s presidential nominating process in the US, the high poll ratings for a possible British exit...

Is clarifying and formalising the “official truth” the true purpose of internal communication?

Back in the old days in Russia, in many cities and neighborhoods, at metro stops and bus stops, there used to be glass cases housing copies of the current issue of Pravda.

Pravda, which...

What steps do internal communicators need to take to influence the direction of their organisations?

When the word “internal communicator” comes up, most people in the business world don’t immediately think of the word “leader.”

But internal communicators do have real opportunities to lead and influence the...

Have organisational developments made the job of the internal communicator obsolete?

In 1989, at the end of Cold War, Francis Fukuyama famously proclaimed the “end of history”. But looking at recent events around the world, it seems abundantly clear that history is alive and well and has a bright future.

Similarly, some...