Phil Riggins

Phil Riggins

Phil Riggins is the founder of the Brand & Reputation Collective (the BRC). The BRC combines senior counsel, deep insight and creative thinking to help organisations navigate the inevitable choices and trade-offs required to manage stakeholder expectations, build trust and deliver their organisation’s strategy.

The price of consumer and stakeholder support in an age of radical uncertainty - marked by low trust and high uncertainty – is purpose with proof, transparency and a seat at the table.

I have a new mantra: “You’re only two clicks away from uncovering a lie.” I learned it from a corporate executive who was describing how his company was dealing with the new communication reality.

His view was that, today, everything is...

To promote the reputation of their sectors, associations must take a joined-up approach to communications

We all know reputation matters. While it takes years for a company or organisation to build up a good reputation, it can be shattered in just a few hours by poor leadership, faulty products, unethical behaviour to name but a few reasons. The same...

Too busy to be strategic? We present a few practical tips on how to be more strategic in your work when you don’t have time or energy to do more  

It’s tough these days.

We are living in the ‘do more with less’ era of corporate communications. More with less money, less people and less time. To make things worse, those above us are imposing outcome- based metrics to...

The distinction between brand and reputation is increasingly a distinction without a difference. This article highlights this change and what it means to help organisations benefit from the opportunities this new reality provides. 

We are living in a time when our understanding of how the world works is being re-evaluated.

The rise of populism, the end of globalisation, what is fact and what is fiction – suddenly, we are trying to make sense of changes that have been...

Headline-grabbing scandals can cause massive damage: a deposed CEO, a replaced communications head or billions of dollars lost. But how to anticipate reputational risks – or even avoid them – before a crisis hits?

"Is it within the power of organisations to look around corners and see in the dark, to spot and remove reputation risks before they cause massive destruction of shareholder value and damage to society?"