Rob Michalak

Rob Michalak

Rob Michalak is the global director of social mission for Ben & Jerry’s. Rob sits on Ben & Jerry’s global leadership team and is the lead advocate at Ben & Jerry’s to keep its social mission in balance with the company’s product mission and economic mission. Rob has been with Ben & Jerry’s twice. His first role at the company was as its public relations czar from 1989-1998. He came back to the company to serve as its social mission director starting in 2006. Before that, and in between his Ben & Jerry’s days, Rob worked in broadcast media holding a variety of jobs in news, public affairs and independent productions.

Ben & Jerry’s looks to achieve innovative ways that the business can use its many resources to create positive social change in the world.

Our co-founder, Ben, would often say, “Why leave your values at the door when you go to work?”

Good point. Since business is arguably the most powerful force for change in the world, a good value system seems to be a sage idea.