CARMA is a global leader in media intelligence. CARMA brings together an experienced global team and enhanced global capabilities. CARMA delivers what matters. More innovation. More speed. More value. More insights in more languages.

With 15 international offices and staff in 43 countries around the world, CARMA conducts research of media coverage in all key geographies around the world and in over 80 languages. We offer a unique perspective: globally active, but also truly local. Our on-the-ground staff speak the local language, know local customs, and can help you achieve a greater understanding of any market. You know how important it is for your insight provider to listen to you and understand what you need; CARMA is that partner.

A Balance of Automation and Curation

CARMA delivers what matters using a combination of cutting edge technology and human expertise to capture global media coverage and provide you with analytics that drive your business forward. Our unique methodology drives deep insights with sector-expertise, communications performance scoring, competitor intelligence, message resonance and C-level reporting.

CARMA uses the best technology world-wide including a range of custom developed and licensed technologies, to support our delivery platforms for content and data. Our methodologies are developed and validated by leading academics and scientists and we use the best in class data visualization to ensure effective comprehension.

We believe that each client’s needs are unique and we are committed to offer agility and innovation when setting up programs to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

With us, you avoid meaningless data and receive insights that matter.


Fields of expertise:

  • Traditional and social media analysis
  • KPI development and reporting
  • Reputational analysis and CEO outreach analysis

Year founded:


Main chapter:

London, Malta. Lisbon


All Industries: Strong credentials in Finance, Banking, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Automotive, IT & Telecoms, NGOs as well as CEO & Board-level communications.


Consulting CEO, Europe
Managing Director, Europe


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