The future of reputation sits at the heart of successful organisations

Many of the world's best performing organisations are increasingly recognising that reputation is built and protected from the inside out, embedded in the organisation's culture and strategy. This requires a genuinely collaborative approach in which every leader, employee and stakeholder is encouraged to make a contribution to enhancing reputation rather than this being the preserve of the communications function.

Technology such as social media, and the wider democratisation of information are fuelling the pace of these changes. This requires organisations to think through the cultural and structural challenges and opportunities needed to respond to this.

When ReputationInc was founded 15 years ago, reputation was barely on the radar or aligned with business strategy. We thought let’s have the courage to branch out and set up a specialist management advisory firm focusing exclusively on the field of reputation management.

ReputationInc started with a group of like-minded people who shared a singular ambition: to create a powerhouse for reputation thinking, encouraging leaders to view reputation not only as a risk but much more as an opportunity to create superior performance.

Our DNA is to champion the latest thinking around how corporate reputation is best defined, measured, managed, governed, nurtured and delivered.

We are a multi-national, multi-disciplined and multi-functional team of natural problem-solvers based in London, Dublin, Oslo and New York City. Our variety of experience means we recognise opportunities and challenges for our clients that exist outside the traditional approach to communications.

We have advised global leaders, FTSE 500 companies and some of the worlds' most admired organisations, publicly and privately held in over 35 markets across the world.


Fields of expertise:

Reputation intelligence: We provide you with a clear, unified picture of your reputation. Knowing what matters to your stakeholders, how they perceive your business and how they are likely to act towards it, we provide you with the insights to inform your engagement and business strategy.

Reputation strategy: From connecting your reputation with your vision, purpose and values, we help you uncover your DNA, improve the environment in which you operate and build operational frameworks to deliver your reputation strategy in line with business strategy.

Reputation capability: We equip leaders and employees to understand the new rules of the game and how to succeed in it. Through tailored development programmes, we create ambassadors that can skilfully judge, promote and navigate an organisation’s journey in a hyperconnected world.

Reputation engagement: We bring ideas and strategies to life to move your reputation forward. We turn them into campaigns, thought leadership and engagement platforms. In doing so, we keep you connected, help you build reputation and trust.

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