The EACD Dublin Debate

28 February 2018

GDPR - The death knell for unsolicited media outreach?

Many communication directors do not fully comprehend the extent to which they will be impacted by GDPR, wrongly believing that the new legislation will only affect the marketing side of the house. GDPR, which takes full effect in May 2018, covers both B2B and B2C communications. For example, any in-house team or agency that relies on unsolicited emails to journalists to secure coverage or interviews could suddenly find that GDPR brings this kind of media outreach to a stunning halt. Non-compliance will result in fines of up to 4% of global turnover for your organisation. What will this mean for the future of the media relations industry? With Ireland being home to many European headquarters, nowhere will the effects of GDPR be felt more than here.

Join us for a panel discussion led by experts at the heart of the debate to learn how digital giants like Twitter will be preparing for GDPR. Learn how GDPR will affect your organisation’s communications and how to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.