EU Public Affairs Conference 2017



01 June 2017 to 02 June 2017






Brexit, a massive refugee crisis, a new US Government, continued military and humanitarian drama at various global hotspots. And that‘s only the tip of the iceberg of problems and uncertainties awaiting us in the year to come. What about stock market volatility, nationalism flaming up in the EU, cybersecurity risks?

2017 will surely provide for a shift in the issues on the public affairs agenda and professionals working in this field will be hard pressed with navigating efficiently through such a volatile landscape. One thing is for sure – they are going to be more attuned to the political environment than ever before.

How is the EU going to cope with these severe challenges and what will this mean for PA professionals in terms of adapting to new rules and regulations, procedures and issues of political, economic and social interest? How are these developments going to change your points of access to the Commissions Work Programme 2017?

The 7th EU Public Affairs Conference will look at the relevant questions and developments in the field of advocacy in the EU and will look to solutions for the most pressing issues currently affecting the public affairs profession.