How To Be The Trusted Adviser - The CCO Role In Transformation

22 August 2018
Time of day: 
Danish Crown Ingredients, Agro Food Park 15, 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

What are the current challenges for the trusted adviser to the CEO? How do you orchestrate the massive communications-task for a global company with multiple agendas, stakeholders, and changes? And how do you reflect on starting in a new company as the CCO?

EACD and K1 invite you to Jutland Summit 18. We will present two of the most prominent Danish communicators, both started in new positions in two of the most recognized and biggest Danish companies, Danfoss and Danish Crown.

Kenth Kærhøg, Senior Vice President of Communication at Danfoss and Vice President of Communication Astrid Gade-Nielsen of Danish Crown, both started in the positions last summer and will share their thoughts at the K1/EACD event. Kenth and Astrid will give presentations and engage in a “talk-show”-like setting, answering and commenting on your questions, moderated by Anders Monrad Rendtorff, regional head of EACD and chairman of K1.