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Are millennials losing faith in business?
November   2018


The latest Deloitte survey into millennials in the workplace reveals millennials’ opinions about business' motivations and ethics to be at its lowest level in four years.

According to Deloitte's report, only a minority of millennials now believes that corporations behave ethically (48% versus 65% last year) and that business leaders are committed to helping improve society (47% versus 62%). Three-quarters see businesses around the world focusing on their own agendas rather than considering the wider society (up from 59%), and nearly two-thirds say companies have no ambition beyond wanting to make money (up from 50%). Furthermore, a majority of millennials in every market agrees that businesses “have no ambition beyond wanting to make money.” 

As in each of Deloitte’s previous six surveys, millennials overwhelmingly feel that business success should be measured in terms of more than financial performance - a view shared by Gen Z (83% and 80%, respectively). To find out more, download the full report from the Deloitte website.

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