Annual reports returning to standalone format


The number of companies choosing to release a sole annual report is on the rise.

An analysis of over 1000 reports from European companies from communications agency Message found that companies publishing a standalone annual report increased by 27% from 2015 to 2016.

In 2016 the release of CSR reports and integrated reports fell by approximately 24% compared to 2015. However, a textual analysis of the annual reports revealed non-financial data and content is being published in annual reports relating to social and environmental policies.

The Annual Reporting in Europe report also reveals the growth of condensed versions of these increasingly complicated and lengthy annual reports. Companies adding an annual review to their annual report went from 110 in 2014 to 195 in 2016. These summaries are often presented digitally on a scrolling web page.

The research covers the companies belonging to the STOXX® All Europe 800 Index, which represents the largest 800 companies in 25 European countries.

To find out more visit the Message Annual Reporting in Europe page or download the full research report.

Image: Thinkstock

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