Are you GDPR ready?

Only 15% of organisations expect to be fully GDPR-compliant by May 2018, with the majority instead targeting a risk-based, defensible position. This finding is from a recent survey by multinational professional services network Deloitte, which shows that, in the run-up to this year’s GDPR taking effect, organisations are preparing themselves in a broad variety of ways, motivated by the combination of the potential for significant fines, the heightened obligation to prove proactive compliance and the complexity and ambiguity of the requirements.

The survey finds that approaches to compliance and related spending vary widely: 39% of organisations report spending less than €100,000, whilst 15% report spending more than €5 million. There is no correlation between organisation size and spend, nor any clear trends in different industry segments.

Is your organisation ready for GDPR? How much resources has it sent aside to company with the new rules? To compare your organisation’s current status with the rest of EMEA, download the Deloitte report here.

Image: Thinkstock

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