Brave new worlds


Automation and artificial intelligence is fundamentally transforming the way we work, but what can we expect by 2030? A recent report by PwC on the Workforce of the Future imagines four possible worlds of work with distinct modes of operation and varying reliance on technology.

The Blue World of work envisions ‘capitalism on steroids’ and heightened wealth disparity. A core group of actors will control huge corporations and access a contingent workforce. The majority of jobs will have been replaced by technology but monitored very closely by the human workforce. The Red World is defined by innovation and technology: workers with an agile mind-set will thrive as this world will require them to flexibly pivot between projects.

As the name suggests, the Green World employs technology to replace scarce resources and protect the environment. The workforce will be attracted to organisations on grounds of their ethical values and positive contribution to society. The Yellow World places value on characteristics such as empathy, emotional intelligence and craftsmanship. This world of work will not be defined by a 9 to 5 routine and technology will enable people to enter their desired profession at a low barrier of entry.

Whatever tomorrow may hold, the report encourages businesses to take a proactive approach to future challenges and plan for a dynamic operating environment. Where do you fit in to the workforce of 2030? Read the full report online.

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