Digital continues to climb

Digital media use is predicted to continue its surge over the next five years.

The results from PQ Media's Global Consumer Usage & Exposure Forecast 2015-19 show a rising demand from post-Baby Boomer generations for wireless devices, broadband access and digital content, accelerating the shift of marketing and communication investments into digital media.

In the Asia-Pacific region, Japan ranked first in total media usage, China in growth and South Korea in digital media share.

The emerging middle class demographic in developing nations, such as China and India, are demanding faster access to richer content, which has led to upgraded broadband and wireless systems that are fueling the growth of time spent on mobile, internet and OTT video.

In terms of amount of usage of the digital media channels, mobile video is growing at the quickest rate.

Multitasking with various digital and traditional media, as well as new technologies, has become the norm in developed countries like the US, UK and Japan.

The Global Consumer Usage & Exposure Forecast 2015 is the second part of PQ Media's Global Media Intellicast Series that aims to provide a holistic overview of the entire consumer-facing media landscape. The research covers 100 digital and traditional media channels in 15 leading global markets.

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